Grand Canyon Proposal Photos

My absolute most favorite thing is being at Grand Canyon in the snow. I just love snowy proposal photos.

When I first lived at Grand Canyon, we would receive very little visitors throughout the winter and locals referred to this time as being like “the shining.” Well, it hasn’t been quite like that in a long time now and the year-round visitation is more than ever. At this time, the magic of the winter was known mostly by the locals though now I’m happy to share it and share my proposal photos.

I wasn’t quite sure how this proposal would work out or where we would even take pictures. We just received a record in snowfall and most of the roads were closed. It was the first time in 3 days that anyone really got to see her majesty at all as while it’s snowing, the canyon is often obscured behind a cloud.

Ultimately I had to choose a different location for these proposal photos than I would ordinarily pick and we were still able to escape the crowds and find a private moment. After the proposal moment broke loose, we wandered around the rim for an hour taking pictures deep in the snow and running into all of my local friends that were out to witness the magic of the storm breaking.

I’m so happy that I was able to share it and to feel the warmth and glow of this community and this place. It’s truly inspiring to be able to see this place freshly after a winter storm and to also stand in the energy of this proposal moment. Set me over the top and made my entire week.

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