Sedona Sunrise Proposals

I love Sedona sunrise proposals. I woke around 3:30am to shower of the dirt from climbing the day before and head off for Sedona. Rebecca and I had talked about many plans and even though they weren’t morning people, we decided on a sunrise proposal. Sedona is more crazy than ever but there is still a lot of quiet and magic in the sunrise.

The Plan

Waiting in my car for them to arrive, I watched sedona wake up. Arriving, I got out and pretended to be looking around at the signage and reading the maps. Then we all set off down the trail. Trying to achieve tourist status, I stopped to take photos of signs and flowers (taking pictures of the wildflowers is just me anyway).

With smoke from the #tunnelfire in the air and starring a few mins early on the trail, it was hard to see if we could get much of a sunset and it felt darker than usual. Maybe most wouldn’t be thrilled but I think Rebecca and I were. She’s told me about her very light-sensitive eyes in advance and how she may need to wear glasses for any of the shots. Unlike a typical sunset, the sun never burst through for us and it was pretty open light the entire time we were together.

After the proposal took place we all wandered around while I rambled about my Arizona life and stopped to gush over every new wildflower I saw. We summitted the little Baby Bell rock just as the sunlight made for sunglass time(for Rebecca) and it was a quiet beautiful morning, without anyone else around.

As we made our way back to the lot that we left nearly empty, it was a full of cars and already people parking in non-parking spots. People buzzed around us and the day was started but I think we were all glad to have a little quiet time in beautiful Sedona ❤️

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